If Ryan Murphy messes up this golden Brittana opportunity again I swear i’ll strangle him with a bunch of lilies till he turns into a lesbian.


going to bring this back because if Brittana in NYC doesn’t happen…

Anonymous: You mentioned the glee cast being a family. But then went on to talk about Ryan Murphy? He isn't a part of the cast and we all know he favorites Lea over everyone else. That isn't anything new. But we have no clue what really happened between the two if something did go down. Or if the other cast members are supporting Naya or not. Not everything is going to be public knowledge when it comes to her relationships with everyone.

Very true, but at the end of the day it would have been Ryan’s decision or last call whether she was cut or not. That’s also what i mean, we’ll never know if this is a one off thing or has happened a lot over the last year or if it did in fact happen but all i’m saying is regardless Naya’s been there since the start and shouldn’t have been fired like that. 

At the end of the day the last laugh is Naya’s, her talents can now finally be untilised to their maximum potential rather than taking a back seat to boring, repetitive story lines. 

walk into a gay bar like 

The Brittana Fandom after Big Sean’s idiotic attempt to try and publically humiliate Naya.

Ryan’s idea of ratios: 5 minutes Brittana, give them a kiss and a cuddle and then ship them to the island of lesbos. Klaine on the other hand… well we need 200 duets, couple of make out scenes, let them move in together, give them an engagement…

in fact make the rest of the season about Klaine.



The vunerabilty shown when Santana denies that Brittany wants to be with her is something that NEEDS to be explored. Bad ass, confident, self assured Lima heights leader doesn’t think that the love of her life wants to be with HER. She loves Brittany but she doesn’t think it’s Brittany’s ‘dream’ to be with her like it is Santana’s. She doesn’t think Brittany loves her as much as she loves Britt and she’s scared and for goodness sake Ryan take season 6 to develop Brittany’s character, give reasons for it, have them speak about it just don’t ignore it.